From Eastern Europe comes a hidden gem in the rusty crown of communism, welcome performance artiste, Kasia. This ukulele playing oddity has won hearts, if not minds with her Björk-meets-Bowie compositions.

La Poule Plombée

The most enduring character who has now ‘gone solo’. This tortured French diva, the ‘frumpy pigeon’ sings gut-wrenching songs with tearful passion. Check out her solo page and her new album!

Sammy Mavis Junior

Country ‘n’ Western singer-cum-porn star-cum-philosopher Sammy Mavis Junior is one of Sarah-Louise Young’s most loved characters. Described as ‘Rude, crude and really bloody funny’ by Time Out.

Bernie St Claire

Star of Off-Off-Off Broadway, Bernie St Claire is a gutsy diva who belts out big showstoppers. Channeling the spirit of Channing, Merman and paying homage the some of the greatest stars of all time.

Baby Doll

Former child star and winner of New Faces 1978. The newest addition to the Cabaret Whore family, Baby Doll plays the dark comedy of a little girl who refuses to grow up.

Loretta The Librarian

Before Subo and Simon Cowell, there was Loretta. This reality TV star has brought her obsession with hospital corners and the Tao of Jordan (Real Name Katie Price) to sell-out crowds around the world.


Meet the lady who puts a spiritual spring in your secular step, it’s Sister Carol-Ann and her ‘Ministry Of Cabaret’. Praise the lord for tap shoes!

‘Young’s big musical theatre voice has the power to bring each character to a different vocal nuance and her acting ability imbues each with impeccable and complex identities. Young is a class act and scarily believable in all incarnations’ ADELAIDE ADVERTISER